I have loved films from a very young age.  I detest the assumption that because I am female, I must only watch chick flicks!  I watch all genres of film.

My blog will cover films, directors, actors and a variety of genres.  I hope to introduce readers to films they haven’t seen, or considered before by writing in an unpretentious manner, as a friend telling a friend about a film.  I try and keep the plot synopsis brief so it doesn’t waffle and, most of the time, avoid spoilers!

I am married, living in the UK and in my late 30’s with two young children.  My eldest is 5 years of age and already knows who JJ Abrams is and what lens flare is.  The apple doesn’t fall far!

My favourite directors are Sofia Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott, JJ Abrams, Spielberg and Tim Burton.  If you would like to see more (or less!) of something featured, please let me know.  Film is a form of art and therefore, subjective…..


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