Movies, Memories and Childhood: Part II – Spielberg


I was lucky growing up.  Born in the mid-70’s, all the best children and family films were enjoyed by my generation.  These films have become part of pop culture and are still much loved today.

For me, one name is synonymous with my childhood: Spielberg.  My generation grew up with Steven Spielberg’s movies.  Without sounding too much like Dawson Leary, Spielberg’s films have a magic that other directors don’t have.  I think the closest directors in creating Spielbergian magic these days would be JJ Abrams and M Night Shymalan, the latter with Signs in particular.

ET and Elliot in the famous bike scene

Certain scenes in his movies really stand out for me; in Jaws, the mother of the little boy (killed by the shark) walks up to Brody and slaps him, Brody seeing the shark…..the opening scene of Raiders and Indy shooting the assassin in the market… ET it’s the scene with the bicycles and the goodbye….in Empire of the Sun it’s the scene with Jim and his Mother in the crowd…..there are too many moments to name, but I remember them all.

Empire of the Sun

Some are dismissive of his work for this very reason, but how can you dismiss a director who made Empire of the Sun, War Horse, Lincoln and Schindler’s List?  Every Spielberg film has at least one truly beautiful moment.  The light, the music (by the amazing John Williams), the emotion…..Spielberg is like a magician, turning scenes into iconic cinematic moments.

The Goonies

Spielberg has also written and/or been executive producer of other childhood favourites such as, The Goonies, Gremlins and Back to the Future.  One talented guy.

More recently Steven Spielberg directed the wonderful ‘The Adventures of Tintin’.  My 5 year old loved it.  It is so good that after 10 minutes, you forget it’s animated.


I always feel Steven Spielberg underrates himself as a director in interviews.  Being humble is a very good quality, but if I ever had the chance to tell him, I would tell him how beautiful and inspiring his films have been and how he is still inspiring the next generation of children (my son).  I hope he keeps on making wonderful films.

“I interpret my dreams one way and make a movie out of them and people see my movies and make them part of their dreams” Steven Spielberg

images: IMDb


19 thoughts on “Movies, Memories and Childhood: Part II – Spielberg

  1. I agree, the some of the best films were made in the 70’s & 80’s. Steven Spielberg is an incredible director, and it amazes me how even after a 50+ year career, he still does not disappoint.


  2. I used to love Shyamalan movies. My favorites were: The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable…but since Village (2004) I haven’t enjoyed any of his movies. In his recent movies arty crosses into the realm of boredom. But I’ve been a Spielberg fan forever.


    • Unbreakable is great, really underrated as a movie. Signs is my favourite. I did enjoy The Village, but I think people were expecting something different and felt let down. I liked Lady in the Water, but I love Paul Giamatti. I read that Shyamalan is returning to his early film-making style.


    • It is isn’t it. Watching it as an adult, there are things I didn’t notice as a child like Elliot’s Mother being left by his Father and trying to cope. It is a wonderful film. Thanks for reading Sarah. 🙂 x


  3. bavariansojourn

    I think we must be the same age! I remember watching ET on a really bad copy-video filmed by someone in a cinema… awful! 😀 Great film though, my two love it today!


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